The playback of distress calls through loudspeakers as part of an Integrated Bird Management Scheme has proved effective for bird dispersal from airfields and surrounding areas; it is an essential part of flight safety and must be carried out efficiently to minimise Bird Strike risk to aircraft, their passengers and crew. SCARECROW Premier 1500 represents state of the art technology to fully meet this challenging task.

SCARECROW are acknowledged leaders in their field, producing digital audio storage systems of the highest technical standard. SCARECROW Premier is Approved and used by major civil airports and in military aviation throughout the World.

Birds react best to high fidelity distress calls at sound levels that they naturally experience and that have a clean start to the call sequence, a feature unique to SCARECROW recordings, SCARECROW research dispelled the myth that powerful loudspeaker systems are always necessary for good dispersal.

Any distortion resulting from broadcasting at full volume may cause birds to move, because they are reacting as humans do if subjected to a loud distorted noise. Birds are disturbed by noises such as loud bangs, whistles, wailing sounds and other unnatural signals. The sounds simply disturb birds only while these are novel, they do not simulate a natural, hostile, environment and their effectiveness is, therefore, limited and short term.

SCARECROW products achieve a high level of fidelity through the use of the latest digital audio technology with the added advantage that, being an entirely electronic process, no routine servicing is required. Having no moving parts, the quality of the reproduction will not deteriorate with use or product age. Each distress call is instantly selected for immediate replay; in addition facilities are provided to playback a digitally stored spoken message e.g. “Please assemble over here” or the in-built siren, both useful in an airfield vehicle operational environment.

SCARECROW Premier 1500 also incorporates provision for relaying the host vehicle VHF radios and to broadcast public address announcements via a hand-held microphone.

SCARECROW Premier 1500 is powered from a 12v d.c. supply derived from a battery pack or from the host vehicles own supply. To operate, the vehicle driver simply switches to an appropriate distress call and disperses birds away from the danger areas. Control knobs and panel graphics are designed to be easily visible under low light conditions.

SCARECROW do not advocate the use of automatic bird control systems on airfields. The potential of such scaring devices to create a hazard because the system is not under direct human control is easy to imagine and the consequence could be catastrophic.

Developed for use on airfields and large industrial terrains.

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